"Encountering Place" US Embassy Exhibition in New Zealand opens



Several months ago I wrote about an exciting project that I was invited to participate in for Art in Embassies.  This program in the state department places artworks in US embassies throughout the world as a form of cultural diplomacy.  

I am pleased to announce that the exhibition that I co-curarted  "Encountering Place" is now installed an opened last week to some encouraging reviews.  Here is the online catalogue.  The exhibition is housed in the public courters of Ambassador David Huebner's residence, and it is a talking point for visitors and guests.  NZ artist James Stephen Brown and myself were tasked with coming up with an exhibition of artist's from both countries and build a theme around it.  Through our conversations and our exchange trips to one another's countries, we developed a collection of works that deal with artist's responses to locations or places that are meaningful to them.  You can read more about the process on Ambassador Huebner's Blog

While places depicted in art are often noticed first for the location represented, artists whose investigation evoked an emotional tie to a location increasingly intrigued us. We appreciated artists who engaged with critical commentary about the construct of an image of a place, and others who used illusion, displacement, and intentional intervention in the space to draw attention to the “placeness” of the work.

Our hope is that this exhibition will not only represent a variety of artists from both continents, but also spark conversations about our relationships to the places, both physical and metaphorically, in which we reside.

Special thanks to Sarah Tanguy at ART in Embassies for her guidance and tireless assistance in helping us, and to Ambassador David Huebner for his vision to foster diplomacy in action, and his openness to living with an unpredictable outcome. My professional practice and personal life have been enriched by engaging with the life and culture of another.

The image on this blog is the painting that I made for the exhibition.  It hangs in the dining room which inspired the work, reflecting the red walls and chandelier.  Opening the ceiling to show the boats reflects my interest in the passage of time and encounters with other cultures that take place in the residence.  As a site for diplomacy, I hope that the work might contribute to that end as it provides opportunities to open and generate new conversations.


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Liminal Examinations: exhibition at ps Zask Gallery



Liminal Observations 
August 27 - September 18, 2011
Opening Reception,  September 3,  6 - 9 pm

Janet Bothne, Nathan Huff, Asiyeh Khalilzadeh, 
Jeff Matsuno, Perry Okimoto and Alana Okimoto
Liminal Examinations celebrates the subtlety of moments seldom perceived. These five artists transcend the evident to give us a glimpse at the unnoticed, often appearing right before our eyes. Whether it is in the beauty of nature or a brick wall in the city, the works here ask their viewer to slow down and observe.


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