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Nathan: great to meet you today at the restaurant! Your artwork is wonderful, and I hope we'll see you again soon! Judy and Tara
-- Judy Katz & Tara Arden, 8/22/10

beautiful wonderful work!
-- Ian Mackinnon, 8/15/10

Hey Nathan, It was good to meet you at P and M's wedding - I've been enjoying browsing through your website, really wonderful stuff, and inspiring. Hopefully we'll meet again and will have more time to talk about art.
-- Eric Smith, 1/3/10

Nathan; Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! You make me proud to have you as a friend...You compliment my world...xo, Janine
-- Janine Byerly, 11/26/09

Hey guy like the portraits a lot cool website... Best Regards Skeith De Wine
-- Skeith De Wine, 11/17/09

Nathan it is so exciting to see whats devoloped in you over the years, miss u keep in touch!
-- Chris Huff, 6/1/09

Nathan, Fabulous art!! I am so excited, I love it. See you soon.
-- Jakleen, 5/4/09

Nathan You are a very inspiring artist. i love seeing all of your work. ThankYou for sharing your gift Christina Shurts
-- Christina, 3/20/09

You're a talented Artist Mr. Huff.
-- Michael, 2/28/09

Nathan, your art IS amazing, but the man behind the art is incredible =0) It was my great privilege to begin to get to know you last weekend. I look forward to the next time our paths cross. Until then, God Bless.
-- Bill Decker, 2/27/09

Melodie ThompsonNathan, Your body of work is incredible! You are going to be "the one to watch"! I wish you the best as you continue to use your gift. Thank you for your kind comments on my site- I'm very humbled. -Melodie Thompson
-- Melodie Thompson, 2/26/09

Not only is Nathan a brillant artist...He provides the best hugs on the planet! Keep up the great work Nate, I love seeing the world through your tender eyes. ~ Shannon
-- Shannon, 7/28/08

Saw your work at Vincent's. The Growth Series is captivating. Will keep watching your website.
-- Teresa, 7/21/08

hi Nathan, Nathan, Your new works are absolutely beautiful and thanks for the invite! The motion and space are just so emotional... love it. Check out my blog to see what I've been up to
-- Helen S Garcia, 7/8/08

Nathan, your work is awesome. I love it. I need it! I want it! I have to have it! Do you offer any lay away plans.
-- Rudy Castro, 6/29/08

Well I must say...I thought you had something special about you, and your work helps confirm just that. Glad to have a fellow artist to work with. Cheers
-- Danielle Dauphinee, 6/28/08

Absoultely, incredibly beautiful Nathan. Keep up the great work.
-- Steve Swetz, 6/26/08

Alicia SotherlandNathan,,,Nathan ..Nathan...I love your new series.....sensitive .....and moving...I am so proud of you my dear friend!!
-- Alicia Sotherland, 5/30/08

Dear Nathan, I love your work. It is beautiful, powerful and enlightened. I am sitting in Portfolio Cafe right now surrounded by it. Thank you! -Verlena
-- Verlena Johnson, 4/20/08

Dude - awesome artwork. I love the different styles. You're a gifted man.
-- Justin Mcardle, 4/11/08

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