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I observe and am intrigued by the innumerable lives that coexist in a small space yet pass one another in private seclusion. The grit and hustle of LA has caused me to seek solace and refreshing beauty in new ways. My paintings have been exploring the intersection of private moments and thoughts of individuals as they navigate public spaces. 2008

"Encounter 1""Unmet""Horizontal Dreaming"
"Encounter 1"


"Horizontal Dreaming"

"In the Wake""Liminal State 5""The Flutter"
"In the Wake"

"Liminal State 5"

"The Flutter"

"Liminal State 1""Reflect""Of Moments and Choice"
"Liminal State 1"


"Of Moments and Choice"

"Fracturing""Liminal State 2""Waiting"

"Liminal State 2"








 Nathan Huff • Santa Barbara, CA626-675-8507
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